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Sunday 9 May

GT, picture courtesy of Bentley Motors


VAS 5052A is the updated special diagnosis tool for Bentley/Audi/VW vehicles, it is the third generation diagnosis tester that has now reached our workshops. Hibberd's are the 1st UK company to have this software available.

The operating modes include "Vehicle self-diagnosis", "OBD", "Guided fault finding", and "Guided functions"; these give our operators intuitive guidance to fault finding and diagnosis of your vehicle.

Service information such as service tables, current flow diagrams, etc. (ELSA) is displayed on the screen of the equipment and reduces the amount of paper required in the workshop quite considerably. The required information is made available directly at the site of repair and with very up-to-date data: giving quick analysis and detail now required for servicing and maintenance.

The necessary interfaces are installed for access to service information on local servers; this means that VAS-5052A is a complete solution (hardware and software) of diagnosis and service information to greatly improve the offering made by Hibberds.

The equipment is prepared for use with diagnosis software ODIS (Offboard Diagnosis Strategy) for even better diagnosis and fault finding, by confering to a database of all users and manufacturers experts.


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