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Saturday 23 January

GT, picture courtesy of Bentley Motors

Bentley S1 Fastback

We have recently restored this Bentley S1 Fastback, work has been carried out on all components of the car. We stripped and repaired the chassis this included replacing the rear of both chassis legs and repairing other chassis components. 

We have also carried out work on the suspension, replacing all worn items and restoring all the major components. The engine bay was completely stripped and repainted, replacing hoses, fittings and many of the items that were missing we have completely renovated every item including the engine the exterior of the car we had to handmake many of the parts that were missing items such as the window frame and door handles, all chrome on the car was re-plated.

Much of the interior was in need of complete restoration so the Leather work was all new also the carpets and headlining. The wooden dash and door cappings have been restored to original standards.



This Picture shows a pair of Bentley S1's, the other car has also recently had a complete engine rebuild.






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